"Hey Berenice, 
I really enjoyed this 6 week shred plan. 
In the past, I've tried to cut down and it works but I would really hate it because I was restricting myself too much and would completely cut down carbs. So when I reviewed my meal plan for this cut, I was super happy and enjoyed eating from the list of foods that you gave me. 
As for the training plan, I loved it! There wasn't a single workout I didn't crush or pushed myself. Like back then I would convince myself I couldn't complete most of the reps from a workout, but the way you laid out the workouts, I would push myself so much, that even my bf was surprised on how hard I was going. 
Slowly I started seeing progress from my body and In myself.

For 5 years, I suffered from an eating disorder, and I still kinda do, but I catch myself controlling those negative thoughts and put in work in my workouts to clear my mind and think positive thoughts. 

Thank you so much for these 6 weeks. I truly felt that you helped me so much to achieve my goals mentally and physically. 
I follow you on ig and truly look up to you. You are such an inspiration and an amazing person to help others and manage what's going on with your personal life.

Again thank you so much for taking the time to help me and I hope I get the opportunity to work with you again!"

 - Alejandra 

"I started following Berenice's workout Instagram page last year and won a personal training contest that she held. Almost a year later, and I'm still training with her! What I love most about the workouts is that every week is different. One week I could be doing pyramid sets, another week I could be mixing in some running and supersets! I used to follow generic workout programs in which you would follow the same program for 6 weeks in a row and do tons of cardio. I got so bored with that and eventually quit! With Berenice, she started my workouts to the level I was comfortable with, and now she has me lifting heavy. I am no longer intimidated in the weight room and I have the confidence knowing that I will destroy that hour of my workout! I get so excited when I see that she has uploaded the week's workout via the cool app that is available and she is ALWAYS available and responsive to my text or email, whether it's a question I have about a workout or if I want to send her a video of my deadlifts to monitor my form. Thank you, Berenice, for constantly challenging me and changing my outlook on fitness and training!"

- Janane 


"I have been an online client of Berenice for close to a year now and have loved every minute working with her. She is the most caring, compassionate trainer I have ever worked with. She has never made me feel like I was just a "number" on her list of clients. Her workouts are tough and challenging but that's what I adore about her. She changes workouts every week and always wants feed back to see how I am enjoying them so she can better personalize them. I can not say enough positive things about this young lady. She is like no other in the fitness industry. She values her clients and truly wants to see them make health their main concern..not just ripped up abs for a day or two. She is not only my trainer but has become someone I trust and confide in with some of my deepest thoughts. I am defiantly a lifer!! ya girl!! Ur pal from canada" - Victoria 


"Working with Berenice is truly a genuine experience. Everything is conveniently located on an app, and Berenice always makes sure she checks in with you and is available to answer any questions. She is a great motivation and her workouts are absolutely killer! When you sign up to work with her you get the sense of her genuine caring personality and the reassurance that you're in good hands, and you will see the results you want with the effort you put in. I have seen great results on Berenice's plan for me, which is customized to fit each person, and I can't go more than two days without craving one of her workouts! There are a lot of fitness gimmicks out there, but Berenice is the real deal. She prides herself on hard work, and expects the same out of everyone she trains." - Emily


"My training with Berenice was exactly what I needed, to say the least. I was stuck in a rut after a series of bad coaching/restrictive dieting and she brought me out of it. I've finally found balance and my workouts are awesome. I'm challenged every week and they're always different so I'm never bored and my body doesn't plateau. I've gained so much strength in the past few months with her and I feel much more at peace with my body/food/etc than I was before. I'll continue to train with her as long as I can!" - Katie

"I have been an online client of Berenice's for a few months now and I cannot say enough good things about this girl and all that she stands for. She truly cares about her clients and wants to see everyone succeed. I feel I can always come to her with any questions that I may have, and she will give me an honest opinion I can trust. She's humble and relatable and that makes all the difference. I have had horrible experiences in the past with other online trainers. I felt like they put no effort into understanding my goals, but with Berenice she wants to help in any way possible. Her workouts are challenging and difficult, but I love them because I am never bored! The foam roller has become my best friend since I've started training with her (lol). She is a role model that many different girls of all ages, shapes, and sizes can look up to. If you've been thinking about signing up to do online training with her, think no more and just do it! You won't regret it!!" - Kristen


"I've struggled with my weight most of my life. In high school I decided skinny was the only way I would be beautiful and ate the bare minimum to survive. I was miserable, depressed and unhealthy but I was skinny so I felt beautiful. After a couple years living this way I started binging and throwing up but I didn't like throwing up so I eventually stopped and just binged when any little thing would happen in my life. I gained a lot of weight and again I felt miserable, depressed and unhealthy and just avoided the mirror. I finally decided I'm tired of living this way and I want to be healthy because almost my whole like I had a bad relationship with food and my body. I started looking for some inspiring accounts on Instagram to help motivate me for weight loss in November 2013 and found Bernice Salazar aka @ladyfit. She was so inspiring and her story motivated me. I saw that she was a personal trainer and inquired with her and started online training as soon as I could. It was tough at first but I was determined to push myself as she was my cheerleader and motivator. The training app is super convenient for someone who doesn't know anything about lifting and the videos were life savers. It's also cool that you can keep track of how much weight and how many reps you completed and it will tell you what you did the time before. The workouts she gave me were never the same types, they always changed and kept me sore but in a good way, I saw my body changing very quickly and finally giving what my body needed I felt great, sore most days but healthy and happy. I love that she posts her own workouts on instagram so you can see that she does what you have to do as well and see how it's done. Bernice helped this girl change not only her body but her life, I went through some tough times in 2014 and she even freezed my training for a necessary unexpected surgery I had to have in January 2015. She has helped me by teaching me to love myself and my body, and that lifting heavy won't make you look manly but it will aid in weight loss a lot. I am about half way through my weight loss journey and feeling great, she is a wonderful trainer and I recommend her to everyone who asks me about my weight loss." - Rebecca 


"I just wanted to take some time to thank you for everything. I'm so stoked to be trained by you. I feel motivated and know your workouts are effective. Last time I saw results within three weeks. That's unbelievable. I have a long way to you too reach my ideal goal but I know you will help me ever more. You had idea how much this means to me.Thank you once again. It feels great to like what i see in the mirror a little more. it's been a while since I last said that. God bless you and your fiance always. Love is beautiful." - Angelica

Our instructors are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional.  Hope to see you soon!

Our personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. We take a whole body approach so that our clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication and education you can do it and we can help! Changing your life is a journey and we will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way.




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